Through the Eyes of Children: The Rwanda Project

Founded in 2000 by David Jiranek, TTEC is an ongoing project that aims to capture the essence of Rwanda through the perspective of children. What began as a single photography workshop with disposable cameras at Imbabazi Orphanage has led to over 10 years of advanced photography training for our children and exhibitions around the world. TTEC has been instrumental in raising funds for the secondary and university educations of Imbabazi children through the sales of their photos. Today, the children teach photography workshops in local schools as part of the latest pay-it-forward phase of the project.


Partners In Conservation

Under the umbrella of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and with the help of Jack Hannah, PIC supports conservation and humanitarian projects in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). PIC is one of Imbabazi’s original supporters and they continue to help fund Imbabazi programs today.


SoundSchool, an Australian-based initiative started by musicians Jay Hemsworth and Oliver Mistry, established its second site (the first is in New Delhi, India) at Imbabazi Orphanage on January 1, 2012. They donated an entire set of musical instruments as well as funds for a teacher to provide music lessons for children at the orphanage and surrounding community. SoundSchool’s mission is simple: to provide underprivileged children around the world with the opportunity to develop their learning and other key personal skills by playing and enjoying music. We believe that music takes children to a happier, more fun, creative place… even if just for a few hours each week.


Mountain Gorillas Veterinary Project (MGVP)

Established in 1986 at the request of gorilla researcher Dian Fossey, MGVP provides life-saving veterinary care to Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. For several years MGVP has provided veterinary care to domestic animals and livestock at Imbabazi.