Dear Friend,

Thanks to your support, 2012 has been a very successful year for Imbabazi- full of goal realization and transition. Not only are our children growing up and completing their education but our farm is now self-sustaining. We celebrated the commemoration of Roz’s 100th birthday and 18 years of work with orphans in Rwanda! With the end of the year upon us, I would like to take a moment to tell you how your donations have helped make an impact on the lives of children this year.
  • 21 young adults have completed their secondary/vocational school education.
  • 19 young adults have completed internships.
  • 10 young adults found jobs and transitioned to living independently in the community.
  • 4 children began university and one graduated- making him our first college graduate!
Additionally we:
  • Doubled the amount of land under cultivation for a total of 32 acres planted in potatoes and corn.
  • Started a specialty vegetables business selling mushrooms, artichokes and rhubarb.
  • Planted 15,000 trees in our forest.
  • Provided jobs for 50 people in our community through our farming projects.
  • Renovated Roz’s house and created a comprehensive and informative tour of the grounds and orphanage, including many historical facts, humorous anecdotes, pictures, etc.
  • Started a traditional dance troupe that performs for visitors and employs 15 local community members.
At Imbabazi, we understand the challenges orphans face every day in Rwanda – access to quality education, healthcare, love and support. These are our priorities. By donating to Imbabazi, you are helping us provide guidance and financial assistance when children complete school and become independent, education and practical skills training. It is our hope that each one of Roz’s children will go on to lead meaningful, independent lives in the community. You make it possible.

New this year is our Reunification Project. The Rwandan government policy states that orphans must be integrated into the community and no longer live in orphanages. This affects 31 of our children. We are working with our children and local government to collaborate with extended family members or surrogate families with whom they can be placed. We assess every family before a child is placed and conduct several follow-up visits. Each child will continue to be supported by Imbabazi until they graduate from secondary/vocational school, including their education, personal needs and medical costs.

Imbabazi will continue to grow and develop as an organization as we transition from being a residential facility for orphans to a community education center offering programs aimed at children and young adults. In addition to caring for 31 orphans, in 2013 we plan to:
  • Conduct English and computer lessons in the Roz Carr Cultural Center.
  • Enhance education at Kanyundo Primary School through volunteer teachers.
  • Create a museum to honor Roz Carr and her life here in Rwanda, celebrating her friendship with Dian Fossey and highlighting the work of Imbabazi over the last 18 years.
  • Obtain our non-profit status in the U.S.
Imbabazi has successfully built income generating activities, through our farm and tourism project, that make a profit. This money was used to pay for half of our administrative costs in 2012! This is our largest accomplishment to date in this area! Next year, our goal is to fund 80% of our on-site administrative costs through income generating activities.

We have accomplished many goals over the last year but there is still more to do! We need your help to continue transforming lives of children in Rwanda.

By donating to Imbabazi today, you are investing in the future of children; who are the future of Rwanda. Your gift will provide care and education for orphans and create educational opportunities for community children.

You can make tax-deductible donations by visiting our website at or mailing a check to Imbabazi, PO Box 383, Lionville, PA 19353. Please make the check payable to Partners In Conservation (our 501(c)3 affiliate).

Since I began working with Imbabazi in 2010, I have witnessed several success stories first hand. I am continually inspired by our children’s educational achievements and our community’s hard work. Everything we do is made possible by our supporters. I thank you in advance for your continued support. Your donation makes a direct and lasting impact on the lives of children in Rwanda.

You can follow our work at Please look for our new website after the first of the year!

Thank you for being a part of Roz’s legacy and the future of Rwanda. On behalf of the Imbabazi family, I wish a special holiday season to you and yours.

With appreciation,

Devon Kuntzman                                                                                                                                                                   
Executive Director