By Mussa
In this break time on the 5th of January, 2011, all the children and workers of the Imbabazi Orphanage visited the tea factory SORWATHE. The factory is located in the Northern Province. We travel four hours from our home in Mudende to the factory.

The children had a great time visiting the factory because we were free to see everything; we even asked questions. The director of SORWATHE, Cally Alles; an Imbabazi board member, welcomed us kindly. After saying hello to everyone, he asked his workers to show us around. Before the tour, Cally told us briefly the history of SORWATHE. He said that the name is a French abbreviation for “Societe Rwanda The.” Then he added that it was the first big tea factory in Rwanda. After the history, we went in groups to see what the workers were doing.

The children learning about tea quality.

 We visited different departments. For example, we observed how machines prepare the tea leaves for different types of tea such as strong tea, light tea, green tea and orthodox tea. This place was very interesting for everyone and very attractive to scientists. That is why our children who study sciences were asking many questions. Also, we went out of the factory to visit the farm where the tea is planted. Truly, when you are looking at a distance you can think that you are seeing a big garden but when you approach you find that it is a green tea farm.

At SORWATHE, we were with the Imbabazi staff, Jeff, Devon Emmanuel and others. Being with them made us very happy. We took lunch at the factory. The food was very delicious. After lunch, all the children became very happy; even though they were happy before. They started singing songs to express their thanks to Cally for the tour and lunch. Also, we asked questions to Cally about employment and internship opportunities. He promised good things and told us how to begin the process. Not only Cally but also Katie Fawcett, our friend, Imbabazi board member and director of Karisoke Research Center, was asked questions about internships. The Imbabazi staff was helping us to ask questions and express our point of view.

In general, the children had fun. I don’t know how I can say that in words; you can only know if you were there! Everyone did not want to come back.
In closing, very much the director of SORWATHE, Cally, who took his time inviting and staying with us when we were in his factory. In the name of the nation, we thank Cally because he is helping the government to develop the country. May God bless him a lot. We wish that we will get another chance to visit other places in the future.