By Twagiramungu

Usually in break time from school we fortunately get visitors from different parts of the world. At the beginning of January, we received two teams of students and business people from the United States. Their main purpose was visiting orphans all over Rwanda.
The first team of mostly students offered gifts to us to celebrate the happy new year. Everyone was very happy for the things like sweets, sunglasses and balloons.  It was a great day being with those visitors. Some older children like Gadi, Mussa, Umuhoza, Clemance and I talked with the visitors and showed the visitors around the orphanage and Madame Carr’s gardens.

The second team was mixed by adults and student visitors, some were workers too. They did a very good job because they gave us condolences saying that we have to be happy and know that God love us. They are doing great work. Their speech healed our heart. We did many activities with them like playing baseball and soccer. We spent time talking; sharing ideas and asking questions. Added to that, the children sang many songs and I played the guitar.

To conclude, I desperately want to congratulate the two teams that visited us in the summer and we appreciate it quite well. We address to all who want to visit us that they are quite welcome and know that visiting orphans is earning blessings.