Life is never dull at the Imbabazi, thanks in part to the steady stream of visitors we receive each week. People from all over the world brave the 7 km. of rocky terrain to tour our gorgeous gardens, chat with the kids, and learn more about the amazing life and legacy of Roz Carr. Many times, these visitors also come with a desire to lend a helping hand. This help comes in a variety of forms, from making a donation to playing a game of soccer with the kids to teaching a photography workshop to doing a small volunteer project.

We recently welcomed a group of high school students who wanted to lend a BIG helping hand from Benilde – St. Margaret’s School in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. These students came to Rwanda for 2 weeks this summer in connection with their school’s course on Genocide & Social Justice, 1 week of which was dedicated to volunteering with people directly affected by the events of 1994. The Imbabazi was one such project, and for a few hours a day for one week, they came to help us give the refectoire (dining & multi-purpose room) and boys’ bedroom a much-needed new coat of paint. 6 jerry cans of paint, 8 walls, 2 ceilings, and countless paintbrushes later, the two rooms look better than ever! The collaboration between the kids of Imbabazi and the students from Minnesota not only resulted in a more beautiful orphanage, but was also a lot of fun! Thanks again to the students and chaperones of Benilde – St. Margaret’s School!