Education Assist


Help a child have a brighter future by giving them the gift of education!

Children are the future of Rwanda and their education is the building block for a better tomorrow. Imbabazi is committed to continuing the financial support for our children throughout their educational careers and would love for your help in doing so.

Imbabazi follows 29 children who used to live in our orphanage and who have now been reunited with family. They are all enrolled in primary, secondary or vocational schools and we are asking you to consider helping continue our children’s education by becoming a supporter of Imbabazi.

Why we’re asking

Becoming an Imbabazi supporter would mean the world to not only us, but to a child and his family as well.  Unlike other organizations, Imbabazi not only pays for school fees, but also provides financial support to the child’s family.  Although our children have been reunified, our goal is to ensure that they are all still properly cared for and brought up in a happy and healthy home.  By supporting these families, Imbabazi is able to continue to stay involved in the upbringing of our children and can follow them into adulthood.

What we’re asking

Your support would provide the funds that each child requires to attend school and the financial stability for the family at home and we are asking you to consider making a commitment to support Imbabazi for a year.

  • $25 every 3 months   will provide a child’s school supplies for one full year
  • $50 every 3 months   will provide one family with financial support for their child for a full year
  • $70 every 3 months   will provide a year’s school fees one child for a full year
  • $150 every 3 months will provide one child with his entire list of schooling needs for a full year

Of course, if you’d like to make one contribution to cover a child’s schooling needs for the entire year, you can simply make one annual donation of $600.

Education makes a lasting impact on the lives of children in Rwanda…become a supporter of Imbabazi today.

To learn more about supporting Imbabazi’s Education needs, please contact us at