Over the last six weeks Imbabazi has been able to share some of our donations with people in our community. Every time we receive a donation that does not work for our young adults we save it. Once we have collected enough items we distribute them to groups and people. Four times a year we clean out our storage room and assess what we have. This is a big job. Luckily two of Imbabazi’s young women were there to help us (and have a little fun)! Together we sorted through all the items Imbabazi’s can’t use and decided where to donated them.


Over the past year we have received an abundance of pencils.Our children are required to use blue and black pens at school. This is true of all schools in Rwanda. However, we were able to find an art school in Nyundo (near Gisenyi). We contacted them and they were in need of pencils. We were able to donate a large suitcase full!

Next we stopped at Noel Orphanage. At Imbabazi we care for mostly teenagers. However, we sometimes receive donations meant for small children.This is not a problem because we can always find small children that will feel great joy from receiving a small toy. The children of Noel were very excited to receive Frisbees, kites, stuffed animals and other toys!

Another day we made a trip to the Mudende Health Center. This is the clinic located in our village. We were able to donate two microscopes, two stethoscopes, several fist aid books and first aid supplies.



Also, our good friend Shelley came to visit Imbabazi. She brought several stuffed animals and toys donated by her grandchildren. All of the children of Imbabazi’s workers were able to come and receive a toy. For some of these children it was the first toy they have ever had! You can see all of their smiles!At Imbabazi we enjoy bringing happiness and lending a helping hand to others. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation and to the young adults at Imbabazi for helping the staff deliver these donations!