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The orphanage was founded in 1994, after the Rwandan genocide, to care of the many children who were lost or orphaned. Some have seen their families die or be killed right before their eyes, while others have no memory of their lives before arriving at the orphanage. The children are from both ethnic groups, Hutu and Tutsi, yet they all receive an equal amount of love and care with no ethnic distinctions or barriers. The children are very much a family, and their courage and love for one another are truly testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.

Since its inception, Imbabazi has cared for more than 400 children. Many of these children have since been reunited with family members while others have gone on to lead successful independent lives. The orphanage was home to 51 children who are in the process of completing their primary and secondary studies and transitioning into young adulthood. The orphanage also provides financial support to several children who have been previously reunited with families and pays the school fees of all Imbabazi employees’ children.

The orphanage was created as a response to a specific and acute need in the community in 1994. As the community’s needs are changing, we no longer accept children as residents at Imbabazi. Even though the kids not longer live here due to reunification, we are committed to supporting them until they complete their education. It is our goal to make an impact on the lives of all children living in our community as we move forward.

Children are the future of Rwanda, and Imbabazi is dedicated to providing them with every opportunity to lead healthy, happy lives and to pursue their dreams. Our focus is on education, vocational training, and the teaching of life skills to prepare them for successful careers and meaningful adult lives.