Imbabazi Pre-school

In working to keep Roz Carr’s legacy alive by providing support and education to the community surrounding Imbabazi, we opened our latest venture – the Imbabazi Pre-School – in September 2014.

The pre-school currently has 63 children in three classes, all aged between 3-6 years. They are taught by three teachers, overseen by the Director of Education and Children, in both Kinyarwanda and English languages. As well as learning basic academic skills, the children benefit from activities which highlight interactive play, hands-on learning, nutrition and hygiene development and even some early agricultural skills as they take full advantage of the surroundings at Imbabazi.


The children all receive a breakfast of hot milk or tea and biscuits when they arrive, and before they return home in the afternoon a nutritious lunch of local produce is served to each child.

Roz started something amazing in our community by offering educational opportunities to her children, and we are delighted to see that legacy continue. The pre-school classrooms are located in the dormitories of the former orphanage and provide facilities which are unequalled elsewhere in the region, whilst the pre-school itself is the only one in full operation in Mudende sector.