Gucutsa Programme

Many of our children are now reaching adulthood, and as they get ready to leave the nest, we are taking steps to prepare them for independent living.

We created the Gucutsa programme, ‘Gucutsa’ means ‘independence’ in local Kinyarwanda language, to help our secondary and vocational school graduates transition into independent life outside the orphanage.

Participants receive assistance in securing housing, finding jobs or internships, purchasing tools for vocational trades (i.e. carpentry and mechanics), financial guidance and general mentoring and advice. Upon completion of the programme, children are considered independent – living and working in the community on their own or with other young adults from Imbabazi. Our staff supervises these efforts and conduct follow-ups to ensure that our children are staying healthy and safe in the community while developing important life skills such as budgeting, time management, shopping, cooking, and housekeeping.

As more of our young adults complete their education, the Gucutsa programme will be key to the ongoing success of the Imbabazi family.