The new clinic in Mudende, next to the Imbabazi

 Madame Carr spent the last years of her life creating a permanent home for her children on her farm. This included building dorms, a kitchen, a dining hall, showers, toilets and a clinic. The clinic at the Imbabazi Orphanage closed when the government built a community clinic next door. The orphanage helped the community clinic open by donating money to build the toilets and donating medical supplies. Now the government has greatly expanded health care in Rwanda. They have built a larger and more advanced clinic in our community.

Once again, the Imbabazi was there to help. We donated over 1,000 items, including hospital beds, exam gloves, stethoscopes, medicine and first aid supplies, to help stock the new clinic. These items were donated by the Dallaire Foundation and the many visitors we receive at the Imbabazi. The new clinic has a laboratory, maternity ward, rooms for admitted patients and nutrition program.
When we arrived with the items, women were there being trained as community health workers. Community health workers are responsible for visiting villagers at their homes to resolve small medical issues and to teach about health and wellness. These women helped us move the items into the clinic and were very delighted about the donation. The head nurse who is responsible for the clinic thanked us many times for being a good neighbor.