Everyone at Imbabazi has been anxiously and excitedly awaiting the day we were finally able to start planting our Mushrooms!

Kigali Farms, our mushroom supplier, was able to come this past Wednesday for the day and train our staff in the importance of growing and harvesting mushrooms and gave us all a hands-on training in the mushroom house.

It has been a big goal of ours to harvest mushrooms and after the Training, we saw just how important it really is.  Not only are mushrooms a healthy addition in our every day diet, they are an easy source of nutrition that the smallest of home harvesters can benefit from.


We learned everything from pest prevention to the aging and beauty secrets that mushrooms provide!

Over the past year, Imbabazi’s production has grown rapidly and this is just one more way to keep the farm sustaining.  There is a growing local market here in Rwanda and we’re just excited to be a part of it!