Mussa Uwitonze came to the Imbabazi in 1996.  He was an outgoing child and one of our very best students.  He attended secondary school in Musanze and Kibuye, both rural areas, and he would cross rivers and hike mountains to get to his boarding schools there.  Before starting college, the Imbabazi found him an internship at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, one of the top tourist lodges in Rwanda.  He now works at a major tour company, where he is in charge of reservations.  He also works as a freelance documentary photographer for NGOs and non-profit organizations. Mussa got married in December 2015 and is now living in Kigali with his wife and two beautiful daughters.


Kodo Nteziyaremye was a quiet child.  He came to the Imbabazi in 2002 when he was 10 years old.  He was never interested in playing soccer like the other boys.  Instead, he loved to swim.  He would hike all the way to Gisenyi almost every day to swim in Lake Kivu.  People would watch him diving into the rough waters and swimming back and forth.  He attended cooking school for two years and now lives in Kigali where he runs his own fast food restaurant in one of the busiest parts of town.  He employs several staff members, including one of the boys from Imbabazi.


Niyobuhungiro Adrien was 8 years old when Save the Children brought him to the Imbabazi in 1998, along with his two sisters.  He was very athletic and was one of the star soccer players in Mutura.  He also loved to play the guitar and was a member of the Imbabazi band.  After primary school, he studied at Son Rise High School and then went on to university.   He now has a fine job with an IT company doing work for the Rwanda Revenue Authority and selling electronic billing machines to businesses throughout Rwanda.  He lives in Kigali with his two sisters, Claudine and Benimana, and his cousin, Clemence.


Gadi Habumugisha was four years old when he was brought to the Imbabazi in 1995.  It was clear from the beginning that he was a very bright child and a natural born leader.  He scored very high on the National Exams and was accepted at College Saint Andre, one of the top universities in Rwanda.  He now works at a leading tour company organizing gorilla trips for tourists.  He developed a passion for photography when he was a small boy and now works part-time as a freelance photographer.  Gadi got married in May 2017 and lives in Kigali with his beautiful wife.