A new program has begun at Imbabazi; Family Reunification. It is in response to the Rwandan government mandate to place orphans with families in the community. The government is working with orphanages to ensure compliance with the new policy.
Imbabazi identifies family environments in which children can be placed including distant relatives and surrogate families. We have qualified staff members who visit families before and after reunification to ensure living conditions are safe and satisfactory and that the child is adjusting well. We only place children in secure situations where they will benefit from being with a family and living in the community. Upon reunification, Imbabazi continues to support their education and personal needs and provides financial assistance to the family.
Most children at Imbabazi have several distant relatives and visit them on a regular basis during the school holidays. We are happy that they already have a relationship with their relatives.
The children of Imbabazi will forever be a family. They are always welcomed to come back and visit and often do especially for our yearly memorial to celebrate Roz’s life.  Our independent young adults have even started a group called Reba Kure – which means “look beyond.” This group is meant to keep the Imbabazi family together and support each other.
We are deeply committed to the children as well as Roz’s vision and legacy. Even though our residential orphanage activities are coming to a close; we will continue to support and care for all of Roz’s children until they graduate from school and find jobs. Our sponsors are very important part of this process.
Imbabazi’s future is very bright. Our goal is create new and support existing educational programs for children and young adults in our local community. The Roz Carr Cultural Center (a special building on Imbabazi’s property) houses our first educational programs; English classes and computer lessons. These programs are just the beginning!
More information to come. Please contact our Executive Director, Devon Kuntzman, at devon@imbabazi.org.
All of Imbabazi’s activities are made possible by our generous supporters. Thank you for continuing to make a difference in the lives of children in Rwanda.