In January, Matthew De Young, volunteer for Project Rwanda, did a great deed for the Imbabazi—he fixed our bicycles.
Years ago, the bicycles were donated by the Dallaire Foundation. These were good bikes but they deteriorated greatly due to our road condition and many hours of enjoyment by nearly 100 children.
Matt, who lives an hour from us, donated his time and expertise. In stage one of repair, he was able to
get three of the five bikes up and going again. This was no small feat considering how badly the bikes were damaged. The bikes are now safe to ride around the orphanage. Soon, Matt will be back with additional parts and hopes to fix the remaining two bikes.
Many children already knew how to ride a bike. Those who know are patiently teaching the others. It’s great to see the kids working together as a family. Now the bikes are enjoyed by the children after completing their chores and schoolwork. It’s something they look forward to every Saturday.  I think they have worn a permanent track around the orphanage!
One child wrote to Matt:
“Thank you so much for spending your time here at the Imbabazi to help us fix the bikes. It’s a hard job to do that. We enjoy the great thing you did for us.”