On November 27, 2016, the Imbabazi children, along with friends, visitors, local leaders and dignitaries, gathered to celebrate the 10th Annual Roz Carr Memorial Day, a tribute to the woman who founded the Imbabazi and devoted her life to the children of Rwanda.  The festivities included a graveside service, followed by testimonials, tributes, singing and dancing, a luncheon in the garden, and the distribution of mattresses to needy families.

In addition to being the 10th anniversary of Roz’s passing, it was also an opportunity for all the Imbabazi children to come together for a family reunion.  More than one hundred boys and girls, young men and women – many of them grown, with husbands or wives and babies of their own – traveled from all parts of the country to unite as a family and pay homage to the woman who provided them with a safe and loving home.  They call themselves the “Imbabazi Family” and they keep in close contact and support one another in times of happiness and in times of need.

One of the objectives of this family reunion was to document and videotape the children’s stories as part of what we call our “Legacy Project” – the creation of a permanent archive of the children’s histories and how their lives were impacted by Roz and the Imbabazi.  In the words of one of our boys: “I am doing this because I am worried her legacy may be forgotten over time. I am choosing to be one of the storytellers so that the whole world can know of her goodness.”


Roz’s mission is not complete.  We still have young children in secondary school who need your help.  Your donation will help preserve Roz’s legacy by providing these remaining children with the best possible education and emotional support as they journey to adulthood.  We are grateful for your continued support.