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Graeme Loten Executive Director
Emmanuel Mahagarara Director
David Nshimyumuremyi Assistant Director
Damascene Farm Manager
Amanda Herdina Program Manager

Imbabazi provides fulltime employment for 30 members of our local community as well as seasonal jobs for more than 40 people on our farm during times of cultivation, planting and harvesting.

Board of Directors

Katie Fawcett, PhD
President, Former Director of Karisoke Research Center

Ann Roehrs
Vice President and Treasurer, Roz Carr’s niece and coauthor of her memoir Land of a Thousand Hills

Jan Ramer, DVM
Secretary, Former Regional Veterinary Manager, MGVP; currently Associate Veterinarian, Indianapolis Zoo.

Ashani Alles, JD
Legal Advisor

Bob Jendry
Finance Committee Chairperson, International Business Consultant

Glenn Bush, PhD
Management Committee Chairperson, Assistant Scientist and Environmental Economist at Woods Hole Research Center

Praveen Moman
Fundraising Committee Chairperson, Founder Volcanoes Safaris

Charlene Jendry
Cofounder and Executive Director Partners In Conservation

Arjan Hogewoning, MD

Cally Alles
Hon Consul for Rwanda in Sri Lanka; Past Imbabazi President

Danny Stoian

John Huston

Rohith Pieris

Garron M. Hansen
Former Country Director, Wood Family Trust Africa

Teddie Muffels
Embassy of the Netherlands

Jonathan Argent

Nancy Rae Fulwiler
U.S. Embassy Rwanda