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Sunday afternoon Intore dancing

Imbabazi Intore dance troupe has been performing regularly for visitors on the last Sunday of every month since early 2012. The dances stem all the way back from the seventies, where Roz’s love of traditional dancing started this simple tradition as entertainment for her visitors from around the country.

For over five decades, the tradition has steadily grown and more and more people from all over the world began to hear about the dancing. Her small garden in Imbabazi became extremely popular and the Sunday Intore dancing became THE place to be.

Enjoy traditional Intore dancing and cultural performances while taking tea and biscuits in the beautiful surroundings of the cottage gardens. Visitors are more than welcome to arrive early with a picnic lunch to enjoy in the gardens or to join us for lunch served in Roz’s cottage.

Our dancers have created their own troupe and are always excited to dance for visitors to Imbabazi. The 16-strong troupe entertain visitors with their traditional warrior stories and marriage tales.

‘They say in heaven, you just sing and dance all day. So, it makes sense to start practicing now’ – Intore Imbabazi Dancer

‘Without dancing…I’d have nothing’ – a dancer and single mother said about being able to provide for her children by being a part of the dancers.

‘I want my boys to learn the art of dancing. To carry out a tradition that has been a part of Rwanda since the beginning’ – A dancer and father of two boys.

RWF 10,000 or $15 per person (duration 2.5 hours)

We try to keep each event limited to around 30-35 people due to the space we have available. Children under 10 are free. Please try and book at least a week in advance by calling Imbabazi direct on +250 78 410 6578 or by emailing us at