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Gadi’s Success Story


Gadi was brought to Imbabazi from an orphanage in nearby Ruhengeri in May 1996 by the International Committee of Red Cross. He was 4 years old at the time and we were told that his parents had been lost in the Congo.

He arrived to us in tears with piles of clothes, 2 blankets, a cup, a cooking pot and a small basin. He had medical “health cards” dating since 1994 and seemed to have had every medicine known to humankind! When he found out he was to be left at Imbabazi he began weeping uncontrollably. It took a long time to comfort him, but gradually Gadi recovered and has been amazing and charming us ever since! He was extremely bright from the start; in fact, the Red Cross workers who brought him had been amazed that, at age 4, he was able to write his name in Kinyarwanda: Habumugisha. He was 2nd in his class during his first year of primary school and since then has been in the top of his class every year.

Gadi completed secondary school in 2010 and is now in his second year of university at Kigali Institute of Science & Technology studying computer science. He is a very bright student and is enjoying his classes immensely. He finished an internship in 2011 at the exclusive Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge in Ruhengeri and now has a job at Bizi Danny Tours, a very successful Rwandan tour company featured in Bradt Guides.

Gadi is also a participant in Through the Eyes of Children (TTEC), a photography project started at Imbabazi Orphanage in 2000. This project provided a group of our children with disposable (and later, digital) cameras to explore their community and find beauty in a country that was struggling to rebuild. Today the project is in a new phase in which Gadi and other TTEC participants will pay their knowledge forward by teaching photography to Rwandan children in primary and secondary schools around the country.

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