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Imbabazi is situated on a 148-acre piece of land that has always been a working farm. It started as a pyrethrum plantation in the early-mid 1900s and was later transformed by Roz Carr into a flower farm in the 1980s. Today, the Imbabazi farm is a mixture of tradition and innovation. It provides food and milk to the staff on the farm and provides the income to cover the organization’s overheads and fund some of its activities within the local community. Here are some of our current initiatives:

Flowers and Vegetables
Honoring our past and keeping with Roz’s tradition, Imbabazi continues to grow flowers. Very soon we will resume the supply of bouquets to our customers, both individuals and restaurants and hotels. We also grow specialty vegetables such as artichokes and mushrooms that are sold via our partner, Kigali Farms.

Large Scale Agriculture
Imbabazi currently has 24 acres of land under potato and maize cultivation. In the coming year we hope to expand this greatly by cultivating much of the land that is currently fallow or used as pasture. This will bring more employment opportunities to the community as well as enhance the funds available for our activities.

We have a sustainable forestry project for our 24-acre forest which includes cultivating mature trees, selling lumber and planting new trees. Over the past two years we have grown and planted over 11,000 eucalyptus and cypress seedlings as part of this project.

Imbabazi is home to a large herd of cows. The cows are milked daily, with the milk sold to a local dairy where it is made into Mudende’s own cheese. Upon completion of the preschool, our children will also benefit from our milk production.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our bouquets, vegetables or dairy products, please email for more information!