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Imbabazi pre-school fund-raising dinner

Imbabazi pre-school fund-raising dinner This past Thursday evening, 27 March 2014, Imbabazi was excited to be among many Kigali community members who were eager to learn more about our future direction. A fundraising dinner was held at the Manor Hotel to announce the vision of our pre-school and encourage the guests in attendance (including many international diplomats, business people and local supporters) to be a

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Imbabazi shop opens

Imbabazi was so excited yesterday with our “grand opening” of the Imbabazi Shop. With the objective to provide goods and necessities for the local community, the Shop will be a direct benefit to the upcoming PreSchool we are also developing to launch this coming year. ¬† In addition to the goods at a low cost for the community, we are able to offer more

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